viernes, 25 de julio de 2014


Documental del surfista y fotógrafo Andrés Diaz
Proyecto de título de la carrera de Técnico Audiovisual de Duoc Uc
Dirección: Luciano Aquino
Guión: Marianne Castro
Cámara: Juan Pablo Pizarro
Producción: Felipe Lizama
Post Producción: Luciano Aquino y Juan Pablo Pizarro

lunes, 21 de julio de 2014


SACREBLEU a film documentary by Tristan Mausse. Official Trailer from No pain in Dream on Vimeo.

Sacrebleu is the product of 8 months of travel trough the world, from France to Australia, to California, Canada or Nicaragua. This documentary directed by Tristan Mausse, has for purpose to show the underground scene of the surfboards industry all around the world, but it’s also a travelogue, of Tristan Mausse himself who is working as a sander/glasser in each factory present in the movie. This film gonna show you the life and history of some of the best craftmen like: Juan Twycross, Evan Daley (Gato Heroi), Carl Lamaitre, Mike Psillakis, Jeff Mc Callum, Malcolm Campbell (creator of the bonzer), Louis Robert but also the factory of Lost Surfboards in California, The mythic Pukas factory, The UWL workshop and many more…

Tom Curren Puts Stamp on J-Bay With a Perfect 10

Curren    50 años   y surfeando  asi ....